Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault - Photographic Image

ROSLYN N. CARRIER-BRAULT was born in Port Jefferson, New York and  she is she has settled into Middletown, Connecticut.  She received her first degree in Photography from Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA.  She actively been teaching and worked as a Fine Art Photography since 1995. She also hold an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Middlesex Community College, Middletown, CT. In May 2017, she graduates from Wesleyan University with a MALS in Social Sciences degree with a foucs in Sociology and Photography.

Roslyn is an award winning Fine Art Photographer whose work uses conventional and digital photography, video and mixed media. She mastered her craft of photography in San Diego, CA at Grossmont College, which is affiliated with the Museum of Photographic Arts. Roslyn was the Chairman off the Shoreline Arts Alliance's 20th Anniversary show for Connecticut photographers, IMAGES 2001. She has taught photography classes for children and adults at Tracy Arts Center, in Old Saybrook, CT and at Green Street Arts Center, Middletown, CT.

Roslyn N, Carrier-Brault is a founding member of the Artist Circle of Middlesex County and of Flash Forward, a Photography Group, that meets monthly at Green Street Arts Center, Middletown, CT. Roslyn also teaching Expressive Art Therapy and Reiki healing workshops.

In 2010, Roslyn and her husband, William L. Brault adopted Princess Mollie Sugarbritches, a Border Collie/Australian Sheppard mix, who is her animal companion in Expressive Arts Therapy and healing Reiki work.

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