The Awakening
Awakening of Dawn II, © 2003 A further exploration within the Sleeping Beauty Series, started in 1997.
Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault
Fine Art Photographer since 1995
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Scroll down to view Silent Beauty and Sleeping Beauty both created & copyrighted in 1997. The time has some to tell my creation story. I am presently working on a new image in this series, to be named, "The Sleeper Has Awoken", a quote from the SciFi movie, "Dune". Click here to enter the doorway into the Sleeping Beauty Series story.

Sleeping Beauty 1997
Sleeping Beauty 2007
Silent Beauty, © 1997.
This image was first published in 1997, on the 1997 DIFFA Holiday Card Collection (DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids), in San Diego, CA. Silent Beauty, is the first digitally hand colored image that I created and it is an early work in the Sleeping Beauty Series. The Sleeping Beauty images have received International awards and have been displayed in Juried shows both in California and Connecticut. Most recently, Awakening of Dawn II, was selected for Images 2010, a Juried Exhibition for Connecticut Photographers.

After the DIFFA exhibition in 1997, I have never given permission orally or in writing for Silent Beauty, to be painted, shown or published, for in 1997, it had become too sacred of an image for me. It has only been given as a special gift to friends and family, to share in my happiness to have been blessed to create such a God inspired image. The original image hangs with love, honor and respect in my Connecticut home.

"One great, strong, unselfish soul in every community could actually redeem the world"
~ Elebert Hubbard

The first posting of the creation story of the Sleeping Beauty Series, was posted on March 15, 2011; You are invited to join in the reflections of how an Expressive Arts Photographer works with their her sacred gift to heal herself and others. The, final image in the Sleeping Beauty Series, will be finished this year and it will be entitled, "The Sleeper has Awoken".

Click here to enter the doorway into the Sleeping Beauty Series story.

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Sleeping Beauty, © 1997.
This image is made from a Monochromatic Color Negative, This image is named, "Sleeping Beauty. I was inspired to create this one of a kind image for a self-portrait, to be placed into my one of a kind, handcrafted Artist Book named "Remembrances". This book was shown at Grossmont College, in 1997. Sleeping Beauty is the first image in the Sleeping Beauty Series.

From the moment I first saw the work proof, I knew I had found my own unique style as a Fine Art Photographer, for this image captured my loving and healing relationship with God. This image has been given as a gift to teachers, friends, and family. I have never given oral or written permission for it to be copied or published without my consent. It was published with my consent, in 1997, in the AMSP/SD, magazine Contact, for was awarded a Scholarship, to attend the San Diego MoPA 1997, summer workshops along with two other students.

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