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Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault - Photographic Images
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Root Reflections: Am I an Artist?
This has been the deepest question for which, grappled as a young adult. It has been a rediscover of the treasures from a lost childhood. I had to relearn what God's plan was to be for me. Being a foster child, had placed me into an adaptive bubble that had been safe, until the day the bubble popped.

Now being an Artist one if the richest experiences of self-discover that have happened within my life.

In 1984, it was in when I first discovered I had a talent for using a camera and this interest lead me to return to college. Within each art class, I progressed closer towards discovery of my unique artistic abilities. Gifts that had been cast into shadow to survive an abusive childhood, where finally became accessible and consciously reawakened.

It is a funny thing how the eleven-year -old-me had made the choice to turn way from any things that was like her birth father and this is why, I needed to relearn how to live with creativity so that, I could become artistic person, I was born to be. It is wonderful and awful at the same time how the subconscious mind works to protect us from harm. When the time was right the memories returned. Nothing is better than living with an authentic life.

These days, I feel a true sense of happiness and gratitude, for the rediscovery that I am an Artist. Some of the happiest, most relaxed experiences have been in the moments of my camera's viewfinder. The lessons of the past few months, from surviving cancer, to the agony of learning that a once trusted counselor, had breached Silent Beauty's copyright, which my first digital photograph, and an unconventional self-portrait. This misappropriation has reminded me, I really am an Artist, even more that I am a true survivor, and it is time to let my light shine, which is how, I have come to start this story project. Cancer is one of life's biggest teachers and when you can trust that it has shown up in your life for a reason, it can become your friend. So, now I can write with joy, self-understanding, and peace. Yes, I am an Artist.






Then and now, becoming one in the moment of a breath, as you look to the sky for inspiration. Photography has brought me to the best people and places, and I know there is still more years to be lived, while enjoying and sharing with my family and friends the magic that is creativity.

Telling the Sleeping Beauty creation story, is my first real step towards living an authentic life as the Artist, I was born to become. My photography and my words, are my gifts to share and it is with my love of God, that I can give back to the world. Beauty is all around us, inside and out, and as a survivor of PTSD and now cancer as well, I want to share, my creations. This projct was formed from deep places of hurt, but with honest and selt-awareness, beauty can be extracted. The root chakra: Intergration.


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