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Roslyn N. Carrier-Brault - Photographic Images
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The third posted May 20, 2011.

Remember to, remember, when you remember...

Disassociative amnesia is a difficult circumstance: for you will not remember until it is time to remember. First and foremost, one must feel safe in the present moment for the frozen memory to rise to the surface of your everyday life. at different times in my adulthood, traumatic events like the loss of a loved one, an auto accident and a cancer diagnosis have been the triggers that have lead to unlocking repressed childhood memories. A repressed memory usually is an unexpected, overwhelming emotional event that can hurt badly, until it has been understood. The best description how badly it can hurt is to say that at first it can be as frightening as an Alien bursting out of the core of your body, mind and soul. It takes time to integrate the truth of what really happened and too really heal, the support of my loving husband William L. Brault and a good therapist are essential for complete healing. You come out on the other side of a memory with a different perspective for who you are and what has really happened in your past. I have been fortunate my recovered truths have lead me to be a happier, more integrated woman, artist, wife, friend, sister and a believer of the good in this world and my life.

Photography has become my most personal creative tools for looking at what has been in the past and transforming it into something beautiful. My Nikon digital camera and lens offers a safety zone and then, in my computer in Photoshop, has become my darkroom and canvas. I enjoy blending images that speak to my spirit. Sometimes, scary memories, or a prayer to find forgiveness have lead me to create truly beautiful images that have also helped me to integrate the reality who I am, what has happened to me and where I want to go in the future.

For me the amnesia has been compounded with post traumatic distress syndrome. In the past, there have been some difficult times like stress, losing my birth family, and most recently a distressing year that included an auto accidents, cancer, and copyright infringements, I have learned first and foremost, that it is in the tending of the wound that I have become whole. For up until a now, it has been a struggle to write or journal and now, it has become my saving grace, write about my real thoughts and feelings, for my personal experiences and my photographic portfolio. The first image of Sleeping Beauty, was a monochromatic color negative for my one of a kind handcrafted artist book, , Remembrances and it was an self-portrait and the first time that I was to really connected with a higher artistic inner voice. Ultimately Sleeping Beauty has been the key for my finding the right path to becoming a real artist and photographer. The Sleeping Beauty Series was started in 1997 and it is planned to have the final image The Sleeper has Awoken, posted in November of 2012,








Inner and outer reflection is about faith and trust, in knowing no matter what is happening you are safe. Reflections are interesting for it is the mirror image of what is truly in front of you. One must trust from within themselves to understand what is right and what is wrong. Do no harm. Anne Heche's best selling memoir, Call Me Crazy, hits the nail on the head for what has been like to be me... in her words, "I have come to believe that the insanity you are raised in becomes a part of you. In order to get the insanity completely out, you must equal it in you life so that you can get rid of it and move on. You don't get two cups of insanity and get to take out only one cup out. At least I didn't. It's a terrifying thing to live through, and a blissfully thing to be out of" My photographs are my bliss. These photographs rise out of my soul from the other side of darkness, with hope, joy, healing, courage, love, beauty and trust. For the viewer, of my photographs, I hope they find my images healing and an inspirational, for them to discover their own stories and paths for creativity.


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